Born and raised in the outskirts of Tokyo, Susumu grew up watching Jackie Chan movies and

drawing Mangas. However, when he saw “The Untouchables” at age 13, he felt a strong yearning

to tell a visual story for the first time. 7 years later, while at Emerson College in Boston, Susumu

discovered film editing and decided to make it a career. After a few years of editing commercials

in Japan, the passion to work in film – along with a green card – brought him back to the U.S. He

has since gone on to edit movies, television shows, promos, and pretty much anything he can

get his hands on. The most recent work is a two-episode work for Disney Plus docu-series

“Chasing Waves.”

Susumu became a Film Independent’s Project Involve editing fellow in 2012, which led to a new

passion for writing and directing own materials. He won Armed With a Camera Fellowship to

write/direct his short “Yakuza No. 2” which garnered festival recognition and was sold for online

streaming. The latest work, Sci-Fi short film “Submittan,” received accolades internationally,

playing in places such as Los Angeles, London, Japan, Italy and Sweden. After a successful

festival run, the film found a home at DUST, a premium sci-fi distribution/streaming network. It

reached 107K views in 3 months.

Susumu lives in the outskirts of Los Angeles with his wife and a son who looks just like him.